current version is: [unstable]


Fred a light, easy to use and straightforward rss generator meant for websites updated often but where the installation of heavy content management tools would be overshooting.

Of all cool things about Fred, these are the top five:

This is the first usable version of Fred, some bugs might be hiding in the code, but I believe to have crushed the larger ones already. There is still a long way down my wish list, but I hope this is useful as is. Let me know!


First of all, download the script.

Place the script at the default binary location on your system (usually /usr/bin/) or at least link it there, so that you can run it from anywhere.

For each of the feeds Fred will manage, two files will be created: a configuration file and the generated XML feed file. The easiest way to keep track of those is to create one directory for each of your feeds and always running Fred from the corresponding folder.

So, for each feed, the configuration file needs to be generated; this is done by running:

$ fred -g

You will be prompted for some information on your feed, and after you are done with that it will be good to go.

To add a new entry, simply run Fred:

$ fred

Extra help

To learn more about what Fred is capable of, run:

$ fred -h

This will print a help text with a description of all available options.

Website setup

To make the feed available on your website, you will need to add the following tag inside its <head> section:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="TITLE" href="" />

[dumb note:] Replace TITLE with an appropriate title and with the url for the XML feed file created by Fred

You are set, start telling everyone about your new feed...

Copyright Information

This is free software, but before you change and/or distribute it, you must check the copyright notice; just run:

$ fred -c

Feedback, support and bug reports

If need any extra help or want to let me know of a bug, please email me at ricardobirmann at ricardobirmann dot com.

Also, if you like Fred and/or find it useful, please send me an email to tell me about it, it is always good to have some positive feedback.